Mahjong Pantheon

Mahjong Pantheon is a set of web-based software tools to automate regular riichi mahjong tournaments & local games.

What Pantheon can offer?

  • Games assistance:
    • Players and table status display (including current round, wind and scores)
    • Yaku input assistance
    • Info about previous hand
  • Rating tables and game logs
  • Personal player stats
  • Tournament assistance:
    • Starting games and timers
    • Seating (swiss, random, interval, fixed)
  • Import data from

How does it look like?

Also you may want to check out live links to real tournaments:

Terms of use

  • Pantheon code:
    • Pantheon is free software and can be used without any fee as a standalone installation.
    • Pantheon is open source software. See our Github repo for more information.
  • Pantheon as a service:
    • Pantheon has default installation at
    • The site is supported directly by it’s developers team.
    • Anyone can ask to create new tournament or local rating by contacting Pantheon’s developers.
    • All tournaments and ratings are (and will be) provided for free. Donations are welcomed, though :)
    • Pantheon collects and uses some of players’ personal data, such as name, surname, personal game statistics and tournament results. Every player should agree to pass these data to Pantheon if they want to use it.
    • Pantheon does not track any extra information about user.